Your membership at the center will be rewarded with awards and discounts from participating businesses. When you become a member of the center you will receive a membership card to present at participating businesses for discounts.

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Address ________________________________________________________________

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__________I want to become a member of PCCNCF!
                   Enclosed is my Annual Membership Fee of $30.

__________I want to become a member of PCCNCF!
                   I have/will pay my Annual Membership Fee of $30 online with PayPal.
                   (See website for instructions)

__________We wish to join as "Partner Members" of PCCNCF!
                   Enclosed is our Annual Membership Fee of $50 ($25 each),
                   a savings of 20% off joining separately!)

__________I want to become a member of PCCNCF!
                   Please contact me about volunteer opportunities
                   in lieu of annual membership fee.

__________No Contact Restrictions

__________Confidential - Do Not Call or Leave Voice Mail

__________Confidential - Do Not Mail

__________Confidential - Do Not Email

Please complete this form and mail to P.O. Box 5383 Gainesville, FL 32627.

Make checks payable to: Pride Community Center of North Central Florida or PCCNCF

Single Membership:

Partner Membership:

Click one of the two above Donate icons (Depending if you're signing up for a single or partner membership) to pay your membership dues with your debit or credit card, or directly from your checking account! Then all you need to do is print out the membership form and mail it in!

Form rev 7/08